you know what ?

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english !

It is easy to write a love story ! We just love and deal with little imagination we could have ! But is it easy to love you ? Not no doubt ! Injuries hurt, but love can make us plunge into an incomparable pain in the absence of the other , tearing not have his "good" most precious , like a child who expected her christmas with impatience ! Hoped that his wish is fulfilled flawless !    


Now you can consider me as your family, I am your port, your reason to live , you'll see you 're not going to be disappointed . I know when I like the person is important to me, and if you hurt that person there, it is like me in fact to me! Based on me , me , me ! I want to be your guardian , your "crutch" when it does not go , I want to be everywhere and for everything, and every day for you! You can fall, but I'll be there to meet you!  


Tell me about your desires, your thoughts, your desires, your misfortunes , I want to live it all with you! I do not want to be just another life experience for you , no I want to be especially essential element to your life, I became a real need ! I am your house, your place of rest and well-being , I am your oasis and especially since I am not a mirage ! I want to be like a turtle shell , in order to protect you from all dangers ! Live life slowly, smoothly and enjoying the simple things every day !    


I do not know if they are all beautiful , but you are very beautiful, not only physically, but you really are a woman who has changed my life , gave me another meaning to life ! I 'm not even the frog that you gave a kiss, and yet, yes it's me your prince charming . You make me so my love , how not to respond to all these feelings? I can not remain stoic and let I come to you with all my strength , with desire , and I ask nothing better than to love you , my well being through there for a few weeks! I LOVE YOU for a short time eventually , but I 'm ready to love you whole life to feel every time your side , everything is now that my whole being vibrates only for you!  


Small unknown you I got to know that I have discovered so far , you make me dream , you make me do things that I thought incapable of doing , I look at my future with new eyes ! I will continue to be your food, I still give you the opportunity to have me hungry !    


I am proud to have broken the barriers of your heart , I am proud to be entered , and stay there , my greatest happiness. Leave me alone, let me give you some love, a heart that can suffer , but a heart can identify an unknown force when it comes to love. Everything could not be beautiful, I 'm not a miracle , but if you give me , I know how to give , too, maybe even a little more than I get.  


Why do you love me? because your heart dictates you , and if mine is come unto thee as an offering , it is because when it comes to love , I realized that I had no control over him, he decided alone! At the beginning my brain to ask my heart : " But you think it's a woman for you " Until then I knew that my heart could talk to my brain, but since it's you, they talk , that's how ! Then my heart answered my brain : " Look, until now I 've left you to decide for himself what was good , now let me do it, and you will see that I will make him happy. I am well placed to know that there was good in him , and if I find in the person he loves, the best assets to his happiness, I would do what it takes to weld them to life! "    


There is a time for everything, but this time I'm in Love! That time it is you who makes me see , it's you that I owe ! We believe that living with his five senses is enough! No one is wrong , now I know because live without Love is not having known true happiness in life ! There are beautiful gifts in life, and give to others in this way is part ! When you no longer need to talk, laugh, cry , cry , when only a simple look can be summarized in itself a unique feeling wanted by so many people, this is where it starts gift! The "well-being inside" then a priceless ! We resume daily life suddenly becomes softer blow.    


Every day you meet all types of professions or characters! Here's what to tell them : If it is a philanderer , tell him how much I am filled with love for you, my words will suffice broadly, I'm already your prince charming . If one insists there is that this is not really a don juan . A don juan could recognize love when you put him in front of his eyes, and he did not seek to destroy an existing love. If it is a police officer, tell him you 've already found that your protection is assured for the rest of your life , and this one will protect you against wind and tide. If it is a cook, guard you not to fall into the trap of its dishes , mine have a lot of flavor , it can never added the spice that makes the difference , love I bear thee . If it's a banker, made ​​him understand that money is not everything in life , your happiness you find it in something else. Lets believe it is in the happiness, but that happiness does not suit you! If it is a factor , it is certainly a mistake, because none of my emails , is passed through it ! Between us there will be no middle when I had envi tell you " I LOVE YOU " and say well I'll face . When the baker who wants to try his hands on you, as it would on a nice paste , and though he continues with his dough , there is no comparison with your person , he can not know what my hands can done on your body. You saw a writer , but you know that there will never write all the words that I put in the mail, it will not , because it was not my heart next to yours , and there it changes everything! When you love everything becomes softer !    


You do not know :   Sometimes I do not dare go see your photos, do not return to your mails since your absence creates suffering for me, and it is difficult to manage.  


Some days I did not want to see anybody , anyway I would head far !  


My sms have become rare for my family and my friends , you're too involved , everything I do is for you! Some nights I do not sleep so I think of you !  


As you know from me, with strangers in a strange place , I am puzzled , torture me in mind!  


Eating my meal alone is tasteless since you're not in front of me !  


That your kisses , your embrace is far , and that lack is felt !  


That other women do not interest me , some people must think I made a cross on my relationship with femininity!   That to think that I might lose you , I can not stand !  


My bed has become like yours, a great ocean in which I seek you !  


That each day spent is a battle against time to win , because it brings me closer to you!  


I don't  know listen to others because you occupy my thoughts too !  


To think of our reunion makes me tremble inside, like our first date !

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !