why this wife

But, why do you still write to this girl? There isn't another in the streets, houses, bars, shops ? Do you believe that "commodity" is scarce here ? Don't tell you there are more women than men ? Why to wait for one ?


Why ? Because, this is the one that captivates me, to her that I thing, I desire very strong. She is my destiny, the chosen of my heart. That's why I spend my time in these sentences. I lose myself in it,  but when she comes to talk to me, I feel good. There are things like that in life that don't control, we take its as its come. And this beautiful "thing", I take it in full,  nobody could show me another way or make me change my mind.  


What is best for me, where is my road ? I don't know, but the one that I take today is the one of the heart. I have a sudden envy to give without being able to expect in return. I know the other side of the fence, early or later I 'll get a lot. 


I'd make the emuls, the surpris, the stoic. They will want to know, how I did to have this wonderful thing that many peophe look for again.  I waited, and waited , and now you who are looking at me, see how my happiness is great.  


I suffered. I asked all the questions. I hesitated for a  moment.  the weariness had it place, but no, nothing spend , nothing except the love that you can give to another person. 


Continue your way, brave people. don't look around you, don't look for, stay in your world, I have found mine, this is the one where my love is there too. 


Today I build , I put the strongest stones, one after another, and when be completed, you could always try to destroy it, to pass through , nothing will happen. It will be  a solid work of her and me. 


Don't ask to you, what do we put to inside ? What are the right ingredients ? How to create such a story ? How to make it as solid and real  ?  You might not.


We have our formula, plans, remedies, the right elements and isn't ready to give its. This is our garden. I see it beaming with happiness, full of flowers of a thousand colors that represent each moment of joy. and in the middle,  an inexhaustible source of our love. Don't throw a coin to make a wish, don't pray to have the same passion, it doesn't exist, this one is ours, we keep and do grow it.  


Since I found this passion, I don't dream.  I now live in a real world. I have a great desire for discovery, to navigate with her on the unknown ways, to wade through the same puddles, to trample the same herbs, to live every moment "T" in her company.  


Don't remove me anything about this. Don't go shouting from the rooftops that one found happiness, because I don't want to share, be selfish and accept the default until the end of time.  


I didn't ask much.  I got it as a gift. If you want to sleep, take my bed. If you are hungry, take what's left in my fridge. If you are cold, stay at my home.   But, don't take me the happiness I am right now. Let me everything that comes from her, all I want to give her, and don't steal my feelings and let his come to me.  


I see what taking shape in front my eyes I hear the sounds that make shiver my whole being. I have one desire, it's to be able to touch the fingertips this new life that awaits me in so little time.  


You, be blind deaf soyer what comes to you.  Don't enter when the right person opens you and then you will know a dusty road where nothing grows, where the heart is like a rock.  


Why her ? It's like an order that is given to me by my heart. Go ahead darkens my little guy, catching short there, show him who you are, what you want , and with all your good wishes , give him what you the best!  


I can not forget an hour, a day, a week .... and even if she would forget me , it would be impossible to remove all that was in me for it! I'm too contaminated by memories , by the sight of his face, by the sweetness of his words, the pleasure of having with me a moment !  


Needless to run to find out where she is hiding , I do not see with my eyes, but my heart who seeks , and this one can not deceive !


Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !