why I love her ?

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In this new life, I'm maybe going to invent a world, a world where a woman would place anyway.

I haven't had much time to imagine and to describe her!

Maybe I wanted that she is blond, as tall as me, or brown with green eyes,

maybe that she would love the same things that me ......

But why talk about what I would have imagined , when I know I have you now !  


I'm say me anything , I didn't imagine , I didn't dreame, you were there in front me, I was amazed by the vision of this sensitivity , the gentleness, the tenderness , the inside beauty ! I issued may be parameters , convictions , limitations, choice in what I could try to rebuild myself .  

Looking for, yes looking for what else when a woman like you appear in front me? The question then becomes simple , it changes course , the search ends quickly , which is to create , build, takes place quickly .  

Love, yes this love, how to guide it on the spotlight, that it occupies all the space while just before nothing existed yet ! How then to explain that the heart , our hearts want to tell us, we do to understand. There are impossible things in life, and there, this is one ! I can only try to put on paper a semblance of feeling,  what I want to make you understand . If I really manage to put words on paper what is engraved anchored on the thing you take me a little more each day , then you will understand very quickly that your life and mine, would do that one!  

These words there just may mean nothing , they can not be written, because to love is to have the power to go play in the heart of the other. And you have this power over me ! I don't know if I caught all of this power, I try every day my love , and if I can do you to feell the strong something, very strong , this is the route I take to get there is good .  

Why I love you ! It doesn't explain then , it isn't in the control of my choice, the heart has its reasons , and then I lower my arms in front this monument ! It's so good , so big , may be that it haven't always to trying to explain!

The best discoveries may be those which are still unexplained , experts still looking ! But I do not want to look, I take all this happiness and I am intensely ! I do not want to miss this wonderful thing , when I know that thou art very real and you're ready to share it with me for years .   I would force myself beautiful , I would find nothing convincing good for this state . Want to write and talk about love, always be in a state of " thinking " that goes to the beloved, have the feeling that we are missing something every day , see that priorities are not the same , that shared words are identical , attention, gentleness, tenderness .... no longer have the same values ​​as before!   Anyway, I 'm looking , I could not give you all the reasons why I love you . So now, I do not spread myself on this subject, and if someone other than you just ask me , I answer him: " If one day you get to see with your heart , in that of other then that maybe you will find the answer "   I know that deep inside of me , with you I have my answer ! It's enough for me because with ease and without hesitation, I launched into this life with you! I try to keep the power to read your heart , make this thing I can not explain, can persist in time!   Perhaps the secret , if there is a secret , comes from the fact that two people should be able to read at the same time ! That may be how it works .   I want to love you in the present and future! Give me the key, it helps me to look , and especially that gives me the means to keep ! We think we know everything, understand everything , to analyze everything way to score , but when you have to explain love , you feel suddenly small!   What was already the question? Ah yes , why I love you ! There will be no " because if " or " because it " is like that and that's it! Two hearts meet in the bend of a road, then everything becomes clearer , as if the new route can be discovered , shines its thousand lights ! I then étalerais me more about this question of why I love you , I just end by saying that my heart hath chosen thee, and it can not be otherwise !