what's love ?



If you see that the foods any taste when you eat. You add salt or pepper, nothing happens, you eat without being hungry. If you're thirsty but any drink cann't beverage you. If you have the impression that it's cold when you're alone, then that it do thirty degrees. If your friends are talking to you but you don't listen, you don't hear. If in your work you have some difficulty to concentrate you, and you note that this is the first time your boss shout on you. If you are in front of a beautiful landscape, but you 're having trouble to watch it, because your eyes shine a thousand fires to her. If your hands cann't feel any other tenderness comparable at yourself. If the only air you breathe would be nothing more than her perfume. If when you leave to point B alone, you seem to have forgotten something, as if leave quiet was not possible and that nothing could fill the gap. If arrival at point B you have the impression that there is something that draws you back to point A and that your only desire is to go there again. If you want that your phone doesn't stop ringing, you check every minute if it works and that you have one wish, that her name appears on the screen. If your mind back to the same thoughts every day. If you think that your power of patience has reached the limits of endurance in the desire to find her. If chills and small tremor you through the body as soon as you see her, you touch her and you hear her. If you feel that someone is removing you part of yourself from the inside and that your body ask you only thing. 


So, you will certainly say that you are sick, a illness that you didn't know until then. You will go and see the doctor. He will say that your heart beats a little faster than usual, it makes Booms  Booms irregular, but the symptoms have nothing to be alarmed. He then let you go home, alone with your problem, he may not prescribe you a remedy because you alone know it. 


You will then have discovered a hidden feeling in you. you had been lost it, but you have it again.  Many questions come to your mind, how to keep , to protect it and how to extend it. So now you can explain to your friends what love with a capital A.  No person has the innate knowledge, this is a way of showing symptoms of evil that we would have at least once in our life.  




I cann't be too sure how to tell you that I love you, but what I know is that I would find still the way to make you understand that you're the little woman who takes all my heart. Loving you is my other vital needs , and don't stop to this message, it isn't yet the best, most beautiful, most attentive , no, it just serves to make you wait for then my words can take you in the wake of my feelings. These guys will make you lose your head and no doubt they will make you understand , see, that the man who is by your side every day is happy to live this happiness.


You are a gift to me and how much I regret not being able do you feel each day. The simple things that I live with you, all have their importance : a look filled with passion, desire, a kiss on come back in the evening, a hot meal prepared with love, a little love message received, hold me against you before diving into my dreams, a lighted candle, the rubbish and nonsense.


You fill me everything and I cann't do without this. You do good to my life again and still and "Thank you". I will repeat to you again. I want to keep your heart, fill your mind with good things, those things that make the way we have taken is the right one. I want to jump the obstacles with you, and I look forward to arrive the other side , there  the love is always present despite the passing of time.


My love, I will always look with the same look, and I must admit that there is a few things that have changed.My kisses have become warmer, sweeter for you. My love wants to continue to invade you, to make you travel in feelings  My hands believe they have found the first of its utilities, namely caress you and never stop doing it. My sex calls you, to give you all of me, get the best of you, to blossom and to desire you intensely.


You have become a delight for me, my chocolate, my little treat. I have a real need. Yes I change, so I advance, but it's good when I do it with you. I haven't wish, because living with you is already come true. I can only hope that I would see your wrinkles, that you should see mine, and that all our life projects will be realized in a happiness that will be designed by our actions and our feelings for the other. 




Here we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !