and after

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english !

2 years , and I could just write this: I want more ...  


Thou art my love, the person who is the most important day in my life ! Nothing binds us, and yet it has become so important to the other . This freedom , this autonomy in our decision-making power , strengthens us , attracts us and gives that feeling to win a little more every day!   I want to continue to give you all the attention you deserve ! You realize what this day , to do what it takes to beautify and make it even better ! I know how to do, nothing will break , this momentum forward and simply love you .....  


Yes, you know, I'm not the best man , just someone trying to make you happy as he can. And if you find it in me, happiness, and well my task is successful. I still hold out your hand , this is still long way with me. Life is amazing , it is well placed to talk about it. To try to be better , yes , you gives me strength   Ok , I can miss a pizza , buy garbage bags crappy , I know that my imitation rabbit is goodbye, but I excel in making the chicken ! I also realize that having no hair at any time any object can be found on my head. And negative criticism on your feet is to be avoided ,   I will apologize for taking your foot watching a chicken cooking in the oven! I can understand being in fours , in his underwear , and turn around a coffee table you can relax! I realize though that a good sandwich for you to be an accurate reflection of a woman's handbag , a small tote. It is true that sometimes your rings move all alone in the apartment , which is why you find it hard to find ... But where you should make an effort, it is your participation in the evening to turn off the lights , TV, close the shutters , the door of the bathroom.  


Maybe I have some regret of both our painful words that might exceed our thoughts, and I apologize again for my small defects that arise sandstone my bad days .... Know that you stayed yourself , true to your ideas, concepts, your desires , your feelings, the complete small woman who I fall every day .... I respect you for that , I do not intend to change you, you do not work like that ! I do not wanna be the one that will not slow down in life , just continue to learn to live together , compose the harmony of our relationship. Know that I am here to protect you , answer this , hold you , comfort you when you need it !

Yes I still am and still wants to remain , the crutch that you can support yourself .  


What about the sexual complicity , this sharing of sensuality ! Live life to two , try to take the best it can offer us! I love making love to my wife fantasize with it! Your sexual fulfillment , must be a part of your happiness and mine , I always honor to be able to touch you , can give you pleasure , and when I 'm not up to it, I 'm sick. Your body is a pleasure to use ! And sharing is like to spice up a dish as we like !  


You made me and you make me discover other horizons You gave me another vision of life, one that was hiding there in me I'm not saying that what I saw is " happiness" I feel just that what I saw is good for me  


My heart since our first exchange , has ceased to be yours ! Looking why I LOVE YOU so much! I do not always find the right words to describe you , or certainly the right methods ! I just know that when you suffer, I suffer as much as you ! When you're happy , I share your happiness !  


What happiness is a man who is not afraid to say that he loves his wife! To be filled , of desire as much as this "thing" continues ! I almost won , rum is now preferred to Raki !  


Being in your arms on the couch. Be in your arms in bed. Be in your arms in front of friends , family ...... I feel appeased me , reassured, and I measure my chance. I love when you make others understand that I am your love, you do not hesitate to say !  


Appoint me your blanket, your Darling , Darling or your blanket , anyway it is quite filled with love that I appreciate at its true value !  


I have a wish : I know , I said that I did not ask anything! Still leaves your hands wander over my body , when your eyes want to turn to me, and do not hold back , let me once again taste your lips , still warms my body against the softness and warmth that emerges yours, not be one with you , that your privacy will become mine, because I still hear your words full of love, that your perfume remains in the small space air that I breathe .  


I could write many pages yet , but life with you is so delectable that I would hurt the eyes to force write. So I prefer to keep my eyes like to have the happiness to see you, to look at the same scenery as you, to make them shine of happiness together , to cry with you when the thorns of life catch up with us . So yes, you guard me , because I want you my love I want to stay on this road with you  


Thank you for always put on an equal ESTALE , Please support me when needed , for believing in me Thanks for all the hugs , the kisses, the tenderness , the sweetness Thank you for being present in my life, to be this little light that now guide my steps.  


Already so much, and still a lot to live together ......

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !