to meet you

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 

Melle, Excuse me for the way I use this day to come to you, but if I do not, I certainly would regret for the rest of my days. I understand you easily if you ask a lot of questions, if you care to know what the stranger who dares to speak to you .

I may be a bit shy , I have a lack of confidence to do otherwise , or I say internally that this girl is "too good" for me, and I dare not throw me in another way .

I could see on the net the best phrases to approach a woman such as you, but I did not, I try to be myself and try to entice you with what is true , what could make you discover what kind of man I am. I hope through this, to stir your curiosity.

I assure you, I 'm not a sex maniac who follows you every day, like a predator that threatens its prey. Scare you is certainly not my goal , and if you feel as such, is that my clumsiness has early terminated possibly a beautiful story.

It is true that whenever you go near me , I can not let walk pass me my eyes on you . I savor this moment , it puts me in a good mood for the day , but it also creates a lack home. In those moments , I wonder too , continuing your path , if your eyes are focused on me for a moment wave, if you had a fine thought for this man you just pass an opinion .

Would I have been a single individual, embedded in people you see every day?

Needless to say, it gives me great happiness and your way left in your wake , every time, still a presence. I be not mistaken , I start to shake.

My gaze has been focused on your beauty, but no doubt I have a great thirst for discovery about your personality. I can tell you that you haunt my mind, and if I act this way so far , it is so that I can find inner peace, end by saying that maybe this woman has already found the man in her life , and that I must lead me to another .

I then spend the word suffering. It might take me some time to forget you and I should take another route to avoid being on my way .

You still see every day, and you want to forget , would then be two incompatible things.

Maybe you are very happy in your current life , maybe you do not need anything else. What I want , certainly for me first , and I apologize , is that you can say no to the life you live now if this is not what you want for you.

I would not say that I could do more, do better, do otherwise ..... All I know is that I'm ready to step up efforts to the woman you are, if you leave me in the occasion.

If I could dare today to ask you to tell me about you, I'd love to hear your name, your brand of perfume, your favorite dish and what you expect of a man. And if you get to put your phone number , believe me, I would make good use. This email is not a declaration of love , far from it , because if you leave me this chance to make a declaration of love, then yes I would put every effort to make you the most beautiful statements .

I take my words and others, I can invent new and I let my heart speak . Then I do my writing, a weapon to seduce you.

Do not get me wrong , but in my wildest dreams , I heard you say: I love you !

Should we believe in dreams come true they sometimes?

I eagerly waiting for your reply. I will not regret you have sent , I had nothing to lose but everything to gain.

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !