The heart

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english !


You know I 'm not God, I am not a God? Because god gave you hands to be able to touch, take , stroking, A nose to smell , to breathe, Legs to go to whoever you want , A mouth to taste , talk, kiss , Ears , leaving you the choice to hear what you want to listen , Eyes to watch what you want, who you want, when you want.  


Then the goal is that you are using the best everything he could give you ! But I would say one thing: "If you fill it to use at your leisure all that has been given you, you said a good thing he has given to me as the same things, and I don ' not forgetting to add my heart that is what guides me and tells me my choices , my visions, my wishes ! and when I use my senses , I feel good when everything turns me to you ! There had a " before" and there is a " now " ! I do not want one thing , which is already in the process of getting is that your heart also happens to guide you to me! on would ensure that our senses combine to make the best and maybe we can find happiness together! so, now that you know I 'm not a god, at least you know now that you have still a little power over me in any decision you could make in how to behave every day!      


He fell in love with her in such a short time , he did not know how to manage his life. He thought only of her and had only one desire, to find her and win ! But then, she had fled. Why ? He asked still full of questions! He was trying to understand what love really is , to show that he could not be wrong! Love, we do not provide, we can not do statistics, it does not show , it can not be quantified , it is abstract , no one can really describe it, it has no price , no value exchange , it is like no otherfeeling , it awakens our senses. One word can not suit him , it provokes the desire , pleasure, sweetness, tenderness, sensuality , impatience ! We can only take it, we can fight against it can not be a gift, but a sharing of a person to another ! It falls on you one day it's there and you're all confused ! You found , you pamper you wish , you reapply again and again, it takes you from the inside , and let nothing show in the eyes of others. This one is he in love , and why not the other there? Can not wear it on his face , only the heart has reasons to believe that it is this ! Then he found he had this love !      


My love for you could look a bit like the Eiffel Tower : This is something solid , long-lasting , so grandiose , that person can not buy it. Admired by millions of people , many of whom would reach the top, without success , except me ! If our love lasts at least a hundred years , I'd be more than satisfied ! My love for you could be as as the Millau viaduct : Unique, breathtaking ! My love for you is like every morning , there will always be a morning! My love for you will always be present , it's fresh, it's sweet that is soothing , it warms slowly by the rising sun . And if ever there is a reawakening of winter , and although it will be equally as good and hot, just because we will both you and me !      


I like to give you happiness , not just say thank you , for I will also say . Fully live these moments , let us appreciate the time , every day, what many do not have that many people no longer seek , love , truth, one that makes a woman and a man provide for life! So my life is also my love , part of me or my sixth sense , another essential element to my well being , my happiness ! Without you now it would be difficult to continue my journey , all my projects , my whole future vision is with you that I do, it 's with you that I see! I advance in small steps towards you, a little more every day , but I know that the great rivers of times fill with water drops ! I will pour into your life , full of small drops of water , so that your happiness is as big as a river. That runs your tears, smiles that are on your face , whatever, I'll be there for you!      


A hand on one breast , the other walks or do I know , after all only a touch of your fingertips, enough for me . Feel your presence, hear you breathe , sometimes moving, reassuring me! You are there by my side , lying in the bed in which I happily plunges every night. Your perfume attracts me, your sweetness is my love ! I stick a kiss, maybe two , I can not count , I give because it is so good to give! I do not want to dream , can not fall asleep immediately, especially realize how good it is to spend every night with your lovedone. I did not want to tell you, to talk about my feelings, live in the moment and you do feel . They pass, welcome, I know the true value because the "rendering" is up to my expectations. I wake up and I already regret your absence. But you're here, your pillow smells me a perfume that I can not do without . I lay my head and I saw every moment of tenderness shared , given and taken. I look forward to the minute back, or that my lips will again arise on yours, and try again. Tomorrow , who would become one today , I issue the vows to be there again , have this power, this chance to relive the good time that makes me feel good . Yes still a kiss, perhaps more, a caress .....


This moment showed me that my whole being is in love with you and begging for more . I found .....

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !