State of mind

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Love is that too!


You want me to share with you a few of my moods ?

Although I think this is the last thing you need it right now, you have enough things to manage your business is involved and your day , you're like me, you gotta do it yourself ! In your place I would say no , I keep my emotional for me! But good as always, I will not wait for your answer , would be too easy!   Also why is it that I have these moods ? Because our love is abstract , I know you're real, that your words are good for me , but do not you see , can not hear you, can not touch you , because it is not easy every day ! Do not worry I know it 's the same on your side , you want me as much as it stops , it binds , it feels in your writings . You also suffer from this situation and I imagine that you would often have me in your arms, have you wake me , have me against you .... You know, I 'm almost jealous of those vacationers who have the chance to able to see, hear you will be with you the time of a meeting or to adjust the details of a trip . Providing you look into the eyes , smell your scent , hear your sweet voice ! Sometimes I can say that these people are far more important than me , for them you have time , but for me it should wait . Do not stop at that sentence , we know both that this is your job and that's all! Precisely with what you are experiencing in your job , you're the best place to talk , I think that sometimes I do not do well in the weight balance . You live on a holiday , you see beautiful things every day .... In short, I will not detail all! And I am - I to make it change? You want to take a course 360 ° from the start you've made ​​myself clear . The vision of your future life , a little more stable life , it is you who made ​​me understand from the start, and when you desire something you know to put all your good will to get there. You also tell me that I should do anything you because your decision will have to change my life , and nobody else. After between saying and doing , it all depends or find your heart , I grant you. As we will not try, every word remains in the vacuum. I think it's going to be a struggle for me to ensure that you find yourself there , a fight for you, because you'll have to deal with your own thoughts , lack it cause at home, a longing that could as you chew when you're on the other side , here with me! Expect that our life together we begin to see it all , I 've said, I 'm can not be good in my day, they are as emotional. So far I have spoken to you about everything and nothing, I 'm not going to bother me today. So again do not stop too much over in two hours or tomorrow I can be would hold another speech . You pretty busy right now so I can come and take your head on a subject or another. What you said already ? Ah yes, the one who loves you may expect. When you'd say that , maybe you knew you your abilities to be able to do it, I do not yet realize . It is true that love between two people can not be done on a simple meeting , must be built , unless of course this is a thunderbolt . We were built gradually , but the start was not too bad, it was almost obvious that we meet , we share our feelings. Was cut short to discuss this waiting six months, and you have hidden me anything your way of seeing things, this is why we took the joint decision to change nothing in our programs , to let the time to realize that the love between us was there, and especially to meet our commitments and for me to resolve my situation. It was all still fresh , fragile to take another decision, than let you go . Anyway I'd say you 're a conscientious, and I think that even if I could not let you go , you would have done anyway , because you respect yourself before anything else . Everything that has been done so far in our experience , what we shared , is beautiful, and this is why we are now looking forward to make it happen. It's not that I expect you or not , it's more that I do not have much choice , no other way , my heart forbids me to look elsewhere to see anything else, it requires only thee. You're so involved , so present in my life that I can not help but take my pain with patience. Even if I wanted to take another direction to just not have to wait, I can not do , just brings me back to you! I 'm tired or not , whether it's five , six or eight months , finally it does not change much in the meantime, it can not eat me much more , this life with you I want it with a strength than you can imagine. Of course it is suffering, some days are really not easy, but I say, why complain. Love is there, it can be very beautiful, but when you love it can hurt too! Finally any other speech would you like me to yours? That said, this is good as you desire or there you are, I 'm having fun here without you, we'll see when we see and that's all! Not my speech it is quite different, it is not what I want for both of us ! Of course I wanted that time is shorter at the beginning we did not really realize what 's going to happen in our heads, in our hearts, and then he must manage as little! I tell you all this, but it changes nothing. It will be on October 31 and that's how ! Keep our heads on our shoulders , it has always been ! And how do you want me to make you see how much I miss you . To tell you about the love I have for you I have the words to tell you about the rest I also have my words ! Some are soft, some are hard, but they are my words , feelings are supported by this way. Times I do it well , sometimes a little less , maybe a little no , but yes you did say no one is perfect . Talking and talking , saying what is in the heart , in our thoughts , after all our love is built like this so far ! Maybe if I head into problems , maybe if my job took me all my time, it would have been easier to wait. But then there have nothing, I have time to think of you , time yourself. At one point there are limitations in our ability and I think I'm starting to see the end there! Okay, I'll stop there on my moods , because it depresses me too ! I do not want to talk like that, you 've never done anyway ! This lack you create in me makes me can be said all that, if I had nothing to do, I certainly would not be here trying to hold you this language, to spend my time in my writing for you! I correct , I would say to us, that is what is important. At the beginning of April I thought to myself , now I think for two , I saw two , I want to be both! You and me! Yesterday I wondered whether it was not better than you ais nothing to read instead of reading this nonsense . Well this day I still think . Times before sending you a mail, I ask questions if I do well or not , I then connects twice before doing so . Finally you still all my mails! You also managed by these means, know me. In six months you can not even lie am I trying to put on paper my personality and you get to see me through these words! Well I'll leave a little nostalgia aside that part of you, I would end just saying that my current state is your fault , you made me enjoy the happiness of being with you, near you, then you do ensure that Love had its place between us, and then you asked me to wait. So also accepts all I can tell you about my feelings . In a word miss , assume! If you're stingy here in kiss, I do not Generais me to tell you !

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !