valentine's day

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 When God create you, He thought about me.


The school of love, don’t exist, but you have become essential to my learning ! continue with you, gives another meaning to my life. Your star has guided me, and since, I have this feeling that my life is like a “five stars”. Often, I tell me, that if I was a plant, I would give the flowers even into winter. Anyway, I don’t watch the weather, because now, there is always a ray of sunshine for me.



The one who guides me to the top, and makes me to overcome obstacles. My escape, the good door that guides me to the happiness. The socket that gives me the energy. The wood which you put into the fireplace to fan the flames. The picture that I don’t stop to look, the alone movie, that gives me the desire to press still on the key “repeat”. The one who offers me one palette of colours, up until then, I swam in the grey. The one who can put the words on my woes, to comfort me. The recipient of the most important “registered letter” , the one there in which you read all the love that I have to you.

Like the book I’m reading or writing, in which I immerse myself a little more each day, with a real desire that the end will never arrive. The female who satisfy the male that I’m, and who become powerful when he possess you. “The window with sea view”, with you, I have the wide angle view, I learn to let my blinkers. With you, it’s to make a travel to Disney, all the beautiful opportunities open to me. Into you,  I feel in my home, and when I dive, born my desire to blossom you a little more again.



I would like :


Like the Peacock, to put my best clothes to dazzle your eyes. To snatch you one tree, like the gorilla of Africa. To have the strength of an elephant to protect you forever. But, before everything, to be this prince charming who will face at the dragon to conquer you, but here, in this world, there isn’t any dragon.


There is only one default to live this love story with you. I can not to shout it, not too to show it because it’s creator of jealousy. I have the means to juggle with alphabet letter to compose you the best love words. Today, I’m not satisfied of my compositions, because I’m sure, as other wait again, they are hidden there, into me.


You just give me the desire. 




Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !