one day - one sms

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 

I do a cleansing in my head, in my heart , in my body, that I love can find its place ! There she puts her love, her tenderness, all his good intentions, but his faults and troubles! We will then make our love that is doing one and the other, a force to all events !


L8 I can not live without you ! It's like a chocolate bar with almonds ! If you remove the fines it does not mean anything ! So if you were away from me , my life would begin to lose its meaning !  


L8   Make your absence as a lack nothing can ever fill , awaken in me all my senses , they remain boiling in my head one first looping ! Let me limb electrodes and the doctors will tell you that there is nothing but you in my mind, in my heart , in my body ! I 'm loving you! What a dilemma , as love and have nothing there in the moment to show you.    


L8 I'll let you spice me! Give me the taste, color, fragrance of the exotic ! Eat me , drop me , taste me at your leisure ! I will be doing so you can make me the best of your dishes. This dish taste of love, we have the secret!    


L8   If ever God or someone else had planned to have another woman in my way , so I hope that this woman is deflected out of my way , because I have found what I was looking for!    


L8   You'd be a fruit : Carambola ! An exotic fragrance , a warm color with a unique taste , having many facets mysterious ..... Even where there is could raise Stars!   


L8 Love is like a lawyer! Protective Coquille , Delicious flesh and hard core !    


L8   You came , you lit a light to my path . Now I produce my own energy so that this light stays powered all our lives ! I put my whole being and my best wishes for this light makes you want to stay forever!    


L8   My love for you has no value , no meaning, no charm , no recognition without importance that you give him !      


L8   You have never experienced such love ? Well it's probably because you had to do to idiots who could not open their eyes, their hearts, to which the blind.    


L8   When you're not there, I saw only 60% of my life is outstanding ! That evil that gnaws at me is the lack of you!    


L8 Without you to light my way, I would suggest at idle, such a vehicle stranded on the roadside who ask to visit his technique . You are my energy when I'm with you I 'm full . You are my gps, I ride with you in the direction of happiness!    


L8   I was taught to walk, hold a spoon , to talk, to wash, to dress ..... But love you , yes you love is born in me! It became a need that I could not do without !      


L8   To love every day, to think you can lose everything at any moment ! Only two hearts cut from the same material, might find this love !    


L8   We go to museums to look the most beautiful creations , going on holiday to discover the wonders of the world, fireworks dazzle us always , wonderful time of cherries, this incredible illumination christmas ..... but I, since I started watching you with my heart , I found the most beautiful women! If we had a shrine to lay my heart , and well be next to yours!    


L8   Now I know what I like , I'm different, I learned to look beyond the beautiful things, and I saw a beautiful person . I know now what it is to love , and when you acquire this power, happiness , we would like to dive and stay there !    


L8   To offer you a bouquet, or go to a restaurant , I will not wait for valentine . I want to love you every day a little more if that power is given to me . My heart can not get in pause mode !    


L8   Like two magnets that attract! as the core and the flesh of the fruit, not make one! like the roots of a tree seeking water in the earth, vital! Like fire needs air to burn , my heart needs you ! You're my energy , you give me wings to sail to a bright future.    


L8 I have trouble in the eye when you leave me, and each of your feedback, I have the same brightness, this is the light that reflects the pleasure to have you near me again !  


L8   Away from you I know the pain, suffering , tear the heart ! The feeling of love is stronger than anything , as if the word had been created for me! This concentrated feeling is like no other, it came to me without the '' waiting, I 'm in his way and I did not want to leave !    


L8   A bird sang his most beautiful way and suddenly it stopped ! He looked at me with a bad air and asked me : "But you will not care that I come sing for you "? I told him that in the moment, my eyes are only for that which is engraved in my heart , my hands only serve to feel its softness , my ears do not hear his words , my nose is attracted only by its perfume and my lips as his desire !      


L8   I know that my love for you, is not a simple disease that you catch like that! Must build, maintain , respect it, live it, share it, create desire ....    


L8   To try to keep your heart , I fight against my faults , my weaknesses . I have this desire to move forward every day with you! Nothing is easy in life, nothing is ever granted, but you give me fuel to get there. It's like if I want to climb a mountain , it is tiring , there let all his energy , but once at the top, the scenery is breathtaking ! One can not imagine if we had stayed there. So yes , I want to climb this mountain for you, unless it's for me, because I know that my happiness now passes necessarily by you !    


L8 Love must be served as a buffet! Directed careful , varied choices and eat! When you see it you must have to taste environment to find the object of all your desires !

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !