love words

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 

I have another language for you:


Look at the bottom of my eyes, hear what I will whisper in your ear, feel the softness of my caresses, discovers every taste my kisses, remains in the wake of my perfume, realized my absence and appreciate all my touches !

I want to love you like I've never loved! you are for me one who will break my heart for a long time, for very long.

I will make you understand that you were right to turn back to your old life, not because it was bad, but only because now there is a man who gives you all his heart, and his first goal is to make you happy!

Were the words I know, but you'll end up feeling good once here, I do not want it, and nothing else.

I age I have and I do not hesitate a moment to say that I love.

This is quite rare: A man who is in love with his wife!

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !