Last mail

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english !

"My love, now I have to be more environment behind a keyboard for you, I want to taste the reality of this vision of married life we have had during these months ! I want you for my wife , I want to share my day with you, I want to live the rest of my life with you, continue to bring you the passion that you were able to grow in me!  


I found my ideal woman , the woman who has ceased to break my heart ! The Love I have for you , I can not give it to anyone else ! It fits you perfectly! Do not break my heart , and I 'll make sure holds know happiness .  


Your path will cross mine, so share the same things, remain ourselves , keep our differences , beliefs, let us respect one another, remain attentive to one another and seek together , decide together what will our love is always present every day!  

I give myself to you with confidence , and I welcome you in my heart with great happiness! With me you will see that you did not mistaken , I am here to protect you , to support you to continue to make you laugh , entertain you, to make you cry with joy, to give you the tenderness , gentleness ....  


I'll take care of you as much as I can be waiting for you to take care of me ! I want to go with you to write this story, but in our minds, in our hearts, and hope for the best! I could hurt you , because if I do, I know I would suffer as much as you ! I could not hurt you , because before I'd hurt myself. I have no environment to you what I myself do not want you to do me!  


I found a woman , you have found a man , it was written that we should meet, there will be no right to disappoint the one who brought us together . I do not want you loose your star , and I still do not want to become more important than your guardian angel , as hitherto , they ensure there good on you ! I want to complete , I want to be the visual representation of those who want you well !  


Based on me my heart , tell yourself that you're not alone, I tell you , the flight is no longer relevant to you!  


I can not talk to God , I'm so small it does not even see myself , but it seems that I was made in his image, and if I put this heart , it is certainly because he knew that I could love , I could give a lot of love, and there for some time, he told me , and asked me to give you this love to you .  


Refuses nothing , takes everything that makes you well , you deserve it . I feel good , I am appeased, I am reassured , I am happy to do the rest of my journey with you! Thank you for what you have given me so far, I am already a part of you, like you're part of me, and thank you for what you're going to make me live again , because I know in advance that it will be beautiful!  


I have fewer words , but I also know that my eyes are often brilliant , because I'll see you grow with me , and I would realize how lucky I am to have you. I make long speeches to lose any time, but you lose me is when you want and where you want.  


Love moves mountains - has been told ! Well, I know I have all the will , all necessary to meet the head strength to face any obstacles they might encounter. So far, almost all our Love relies on written , well it's up to you to come and see the reality with me will not be different from these writings !  


Our story could only end with the phrase that says : "They lived happily ever after " Now it's up to me to finish my emails and I actually saying this phrase I 've never stopped writing : I t 'Love my heart , and I want you in my life!    


A man in love with you!

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !