I think to her

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 



I went there early in the morning , the sun was already sweet, just enough heat to make me feel that he was present ! I arrived on this beach, almost empty of people, the flag was not yet in place! Green orange or red , whatever, this water, sand attracted me! Anyway when wind pushes you towards happiness something , the danger seems minimal side !  

There was a breeze , just enough to bring it to my nose , the feeling of freshness of the sea , the smell of holiday you want to have as soon as we stepped off a plane ! I felt good ! I walked on the sand under each of my steps, crackled . I threw a look , maybe two , on the sea, it was very quiet ! I think I already traveling in another world , or the stress, fatigue, problems , nothing like this had its place.  

Walk , but to go where? Searching for the right location to make the most of the landscape that was offered to me! The mountain was fighting with the ocean, neither one nor the other could prevail between them , they dug a cliff full of rocks ! Two forces of nature met, but gave the impression of hating ! For the man that I am, I was dazzled by the spectacle before me ! I am nothing , I am humbled , I little that can benefit humbly !  

I lay on the sand , I wanted to let me go . I closed my eyes to forget, forget everything that could hurt me , well , evacuate , do not think about anything ! I heard the sound of waves , the water that shattered on some rocks , and then I could just fall asleep , as if a mother cradling her child !  

In the distance I could hear a dog barking , you can be called it his master, may be had you there hungry, I know that having your eyes closed. Why worry me , it was not my dog ​​after all!  

Then I let my imagination go sandstone noises coming towards me ! I made my short film , one that suited me best. May be that at some point I opened my eyes , sometimes I could then see a straw tail flying high all there in the blue sky. But after all, why close your eyes, why not look , why not enjoy.  

But appreciate what? The couple, who , lying on the sand kept hugging ! Should you watch it and it hurt ? Yes I looked, but I was very unhappy to do it! For two minutes, they are given more kisses that I 've had for the past five months ! It is heartbreaking to know that then , mortal live live! How it makes you a man can have so much love , so much love for a woman, but for the kisses he should wait ! I gave in , I have to take a lot, and certainly never enough!  

I turned my eyes not to suffer , to think about something else, but when the desire , the desire is present, nothing can replace it. It feels a bit abandoned, however all around , the beach is filled slowly. I hear people talking, I see each other flowing water on , they laugh , they run , they jump they dig , and I then I wait quietly.   These guys can not read my , can not see happiness is hidden ! I environment in these moments to externalize , to shout loud and clear that I too am happy, happy to have a woman like you in my life ! But all certainly take me for a madman , for they know not see with their eyes, and they will not see you ! Yet you are so close, you're me!  

I know very well what I want , and when I realized I really feel well again ! I know that my happiness to me, in this framework, is put a little waiting! I wondered for a moment if a film was shot on the beach! Not of course , of course not, it's not . But it is a beach to Love , because I see people love . It is a beach for me, because I know how to love !   I told myself then that I'll take the one I love this place , I too will embrace as I would like , I 'll take it in my arms as long as I want , I can even cease to be watch the landscape for not watching it .  

Landscape that dazzled me this was a time, become very bland face to the beauty of this woman ! The mixture of the two then bring me complete happiness .  

I thought of all this me on this beach? I saw all this? Yes definitely , because to tell the tale may have lived to be a minimum! I learned patience, but I do not want to learn what infinity ! infinity is the ocean that met there before my eyes, infinity is as we said there has again and again .... !  

So there I was , lying on the sand , eyes open , and I thought that this beautiful and powerful ocean faith is like my feelings for you : Infinity ! I could never say anything , do anything to show you. You can probably only see the outline , the rest is to feel when you come near me, like the scent of fresh wind when approaching a beach. Then I can finally see your eyes dazzled , your eyes wet with rain or too full of happiness, but see your eyes and that's all, my happiness will be complete!

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !