I need you

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english !



I blame you because you think you can come into my life , take my heart and leave the state! This should be classified as "criminal" !  


I blame you, for you have awakened in me a long time hidden feelings, feelings that you did grow up in a short time , and now you're running , you take the time to see if your eyes and your heart will tell you if this man is right there !  


I blame you because since you knew how my body might react against yours, it keeps you claim you, and nothing could console !  


I blame you because now I have to market to try to find the spices that give me the same flavor of your lips on mine !  

I blame you, because I can not light the candle in the room, I would not have the vision of the flame that burns in your eager eyes , shining brightly when the temperature is raised !  


I blame you, for the love you want to give me , you put it on hold to grow !  


I blame you, because since you're not in my bed, even heating does not allow me to find the right temperature, I can not find my place, I turn around for hours before finding sleep ! This is where I think that taking a double bed , I became totally unbearable to stay there when you're not there!  


I blame you, because when I wake up in the morning, I have no obstacle to hinder me in the hallway of the apartment , your presence was a balance for my well being!  


I blame you, because I have my coffee drinking alone in the morning he has no taste !  


I blame you for my love for you , it's there , but you 're not there to see it and take it!  


I blame you, because now I have to not only wash but wipe myself the dishes!  


I blame you because you do not find yourself in my living space !   I blame you for my sofa does not have the same utility in your absence !  


I blame you, because at the table with friends, I have no right to caress , no tenderness, no kiss, no languorous look! I see the love you have for me is not the same as theirs!  


I blame you because your scent dissipates too fast for my taste in the apartment!  


I blame you for my car, there is no one to make me small eyes in the corner of the eye, no hand rests on mine or on my thigh !  


I blame you because when I walk down the street now I can no longer hold someone's hand !  


I blame you, because now I do not give kisses while I still have so much to give you!  


I blame you because now I have hot water and you're not there to take a shower !  


I blame you, because only you can know the value of my kisses, my eyes my caresses , and you're not there to set values ​​!  


I blame you, because I do not really know in your absence , how to show you my love!  


I think there was a little too " I blame you ," but notes , all that, it means I miss you already , did not you say ! You do not really pass unnoticed in my life! And if there is a sentence that could erase all these criticisms , though one that would ask you to return quickly to me, always with the same love you have for me , because I need you !  


Do not listen your heart and your thoughts, I would convince the rest for you, sooner or later, my love for you is as big as yours for me! Here are just words , true feelings can not be put on paper , they are too intense and the only people who can see them are those who are fortunate to be able to live!  


Where are you woman , or you're going to hide? You took my heart , and all the rest , my thoughts, my desires, my projects, while I will continue to track ! I would say , I would yell at anyone who will listen , that you made me!  


I like good wine bottle still lingers in the cellar , and I expect that it is you who pick me up , because you will only appreciate me my true value ! When you goutteras , I would put tannin, spicy taste , color , heat , anything that might awake the sensitivity of your nose and raise all your cravings for the real woman in love !  


I will now longer wish to pass a shooting star , I 'm not going to talk about you to the stars , I will make no more prayer, for what else I could ask ? I now know that I'll ais you, and that's more than I needed! Now I leave to others instead , luck , to request their towers what I have found the way to happiness with you!  


I do not know who helped me that I was there that day with you know, but what I know now, this is for me to make sure to keep you ! Will have my fight in the coming months, but I would all the battles necessary to get there!  


I then have no regrets if I could not do it because I say I would have done anything and that destiny has decided otherwise ! The spot can be tough because you left is still fresh , and the words of today can not be those of tomorrow ! I know myself, and if I continue to listen only to my heart , I do not have the right to leave room for doubt !    


I still want to write this story with you , our history, yet black blank pages for me to read one day in your eyes , how happy you are to be with me ! Let me have you wear these sweetest words of love , not the best , not , but mine just ! And even if I did would find more new , I would constantly tell you one thing is that I love you !   Nothing is meaningless, I 'll make you laugh , I 'd think I would surprise you, I 'd cry of joy, and even if you have a small tear, it is due to a passionate thought to lack meet at a single time !  


Will my angel, or the wind will lead you , and when he then blow in the right direction , I'd get you back for this ! I write, I said some things , I hope you burn as you say my name ! No doubt , yours is like a boat anchor , it is attached to my heart , and I do expect one thing is that you ask me to "throw the anchor " once you 'll be back to me. That would mean then that you have found your place beside me and will always be one next to the other inseparable !  


I told you from the mountain of the future, our , it is because I realize that life is not always easy ! Nothing falls we cooked in the mouth, but I do not see what could prevent us here today we tackle and face at a given moment the various obstacles ! If I go , you go up with me if I am asking you lay them down with me and if I fall you fall with me, it is all now that I envi go further , to gradually reach the top ! And as you say , I have no doubt that the landscape can be beautiful!

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !