her departure

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 

I thought I could just go back to my bed and say " it's good you're gone , that's how I can go about my business now !" No it is quite another !  



It was a time to meet you, to get to know you, I loved this screen to find me to write to you , but now you already know , I have more of that environment , I vied with you see, touch you, feel you near me !  


Yes one being missing and everything is depopulated ! You know sum things up !  


But what could be my alternative to be in daily contact with you? This is the only , and I attached to it, anyway I can not fight , it's stronger than me! Write and write again!  


That is fact, it was the last kiss , last hug, last tenderness! No doubt we still speak of your presence at home, with people who know you ! We speak to a past time, but we will try to place a present time and future time !  


I 'm trying to tell me that you had your dose of kisses, your dose of sweetness and your dose of love! But what is a dose , how much , when and how to know when a woman finally say , it's good , I 've had enough!  


Maybe finally this woman is like me, I would not stop kissing, and everything always have to give the environment , when it receives in demand again and again!  


Is believed to be strong, proud , able to handle the most difficult situations , but in these cases, it is the brain that speaks ! Because when the heart gets going , it loses its language, can not act , we let !  


But what do I do it here in this text , I just talk about my little tear that I dropped to your departure? But who will complain, will shout out loud " but my god he is going to miss something now !" No person , and that's the whole problem , because nobody can do anything!  


It sings because it has environmental sing , we laugh when the situation permits , we cry with joy and sorrow, and partly because it must go! It's like that, and it 's not me that could change the order of things !  


Tomorrow I do not think to find in newspapers headline " He left his love to the airport !" Realistically , this is our history, others ignore it , too bad for them , I do not agree , I keep everything , then I 'm selfish !  


So this morning on the way back home, alone, I put myself in my bed there or shortly before thou was there too! I will not specify what, to whom I thought, still smelled your perfume throughout the room !  


I made the storage still thinking about the only person who does not loose my mind , prepare my things for work, and I'm back to this screen ! Can not really focus on something specific !  


I have reason myself now , you're not next to me ! The most important thing is that I will carry with me , and that no one can remove it, except you ! I can be millions of miles, you will always be in this place ! Here there is no ticket to go somewhere else , no baggage to do because it feels good!  


Easy to say that I return to normal activities after all that easy to say that we must act as if nothing was easy to say that we took at some point the right decisions, but the fact that you were in this apartment, in places where I still spend that attended you people that I frequent, always remind me that you exist for me, and a big wave every time a flood of memories come back to me !  


I will manage my heart , I previously had the head on his shoulders ! I have no doubt that you had to go! This is the right path we take ! It is not easy, but I really think that if you get there and it is still doing the same feelings, then we will come out stronger! It will be more likely when we will be made ​​for each other !  


Finally we started to get to know only one month , it was a very intense month , tiring, you should back down to earth and do some things around , and again take the right decisions ! Your still long way away from me , I would mine, and here today , I see a junction of the two roads!  


We then put all the right signals to always ensure that the passion that first month continues to function , we let people move you love, because their presence bring us much happiness ! We do not limit the speed as when it will take time , we take, but when it will be enabled to achieve a goal , then we will!  


I can not say that it's all the big crap , lies, the game I said , there are things that feel and you can not put it into words ! You're right, you're natural , you're full does not change ! I love you like that, because you're as yourself, because you want me to be myself!  


I will continue to tell you that you were able to be listening to me , you made me trust you were able to discover the true man, seriously, when I was the clown man, and especially the man in love in the way of doing, saying what he feels !   I ask me, is that you're the woman who could fill me , now I say I want you, I want you more than anything else! Yes my love, just hang around my legs when you want !  


I'm going to try to work , I promise not to over excite me with people who énerveront me and be okay with my colleagues!   I do not send you to kiss, you have had many, now need you to do a little sorting to retain only the best, most languid , those that will make you say that this man really love you there ! Normally this should be easy , thou hast lived with me!  


You know what, at this time there if I go to the doctor, he could not explain to me why these booms booms in my heart , but whew, I know !

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !