for the woman you love

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 



I have got the desire this day to tell you how much you mean to me and that if I could go without breathing the air around , I could not do without you. I love you too , I want you too , you're the lost my life when you're not there!


I try to make sure to always burn the flame in your eyes , that which is born on the first day , lasts a few days, weeks, months , but we ended up not see us men over weeks!  


I understood the need to maintain it, every day, you have to put a little more surprise you , make you laugh , comfort you , pamper you! Environment to give you that feeling of inner well-being that can not have a price! Or if the price of the love I bear you!  


Who knows better than I how you are fragile! I apologize far have you try to belittle me lower than , lower than we men, I told you nonsense , profanity , no doubt that you do not deserve it !  


How could I have one second to turn from my words sensual , exciting and full of love for you! I realize my mistake , and how much I regret not being able to recover your sweetness , your touches and your mere presence .  

I evil, an evil that gnaws at my insides , I would like to hide, but that rises to the surface every time I realize that I could hurt you.  


Woman forgives me to act this way towards you ! I want to be myself , but for this a few times I paid full price! I do not want to look for an excuse to make amends for my shameful behavior , respect I have to carry you should come naturally !  


Now I believe you when you tell me that you have a headache , I'll leave you alone when you're tired, I 'd do the dishes a little more often , I will not discuss for taking out the garbage , I lend you my car for you can go to the beautician , I did not say anything about the way you drive.  


I 'd love you with envy desire intensity , and I 'll worry more often than your enjoyment of mine. I would put a little more softness and voluptuousness. I would often listen to your body, as mine!


I wish to offer you flowers only on the day of Valentine's Day, the florist now see me more often, and when he asks me what 's the occasion , I would say it is for a woman I want to surprise , I want and I love! There is no good time to do so, there is the moment of the heart , and that's all!  


You deserve kindness, and even though I could not understand you , I should be able to tell you all the good things you bring me every day.  


Without you , unimaginable, it is as if I was then on a desert island with nothing, and it only remains for me to die. Lost in nowhere, no longer able to cope, to forget , what path to take !  


You are indispensable to balance my life element , without you would quickly chaos!   Still come to me , you know better than me, how redouble efforts because in adversity , you know some strength tenfold . You always impressionneras me!  


Me man , I try to hide my macho side , the power you have over me up sometimes hit them or it hurts the heart you.  


I could not have the strength to see your tears flow ! I should , I have to see every day on your face, the meaning of words fun and joy !  


I say pardon environment , recognize my mistakes , but keep me , I need you, otherwise I am lost.  


If I 'm not up to your kisses, your gentleness, your beauty, your hopes , is that you are entitled to expect more , to want more ! In which you would like ?  


I want to make my life a new fight , fight for your heart is in mine and you will find a peaceful life , the very same that you dreamed !

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !