first meeting

Sorry, I'm translating this page in english ! 



Here I am, here before the white page of my screen , but I know in advance that it will not stay white long!  

Write, write now the story is over, not invent anything , say what I think, what I felt, what I experienced !  

I wake up, and I can not wait , be there sitting on my couch and let my little fingers walking on the keyboard to bring him my words, my sentences, my thoughts that I now know where it will go directly touch!  

Yesterday , so yesterday, I can be detain that date, which meant that I met , that makes me vibrate, but how, how much , I can not say, I can not describe what I spent that day , not easy to put it on paper or put it simply !  

Everything became complicated, so it could be something simple, too easy!  

Yesterday I still had spots to do before going to her, fortunately, because my mind was too preoccupied ! Do not forget anything , let nothing stand before others, act as if it was a normal day! Could I , I 'd have the strength, I 're off on an expedition , so it's just life! Prepare, try to ensure that when there is present with me, everything seems perfect, but I know that I will not, because my head was not really in physical tasks , it remains to be thought I would certainly committed errors of assessment , preparation !  

I shop , and now I forget the flowers, to turn back because it is unthinkable to a first appointment of this type that I come empty handed! Is this the right way , Is it necessary to do it again today , I do not even ask me the question, we need flowers and flowers n ' speaks more ! But buying anything , what message it pass ! Finally I do not know more than that, some writings , and now the choice of a bouquet gets complicated ! White , pink to remain neutral , red for passion! After all, I risk anything, to be ridiculous that I would make him feel ! 're Going to go for red , because I 've never heard that someone could die of ridicule ! Were only flowers after all, you will find good explanation if she asks you the question, or you will know to take a wildcard at the last moment , if your brain, your inner being will be made by this woman !  

You have no choice you have to go to this appointment, she must furnish you in your normal state, has got to stop, but not everything stops !  

Should another start , and you hope for yourself that will be a great start ! So you think put all the cards on your side , do you think have nothing to forget, but you still doubt , you seek, you 're left , hesitating !  

I must prepare myself , I shave I shower I perfume ! What have I forgotten to do yet !  

Another good time to wait , but now I want more , need more than I turn around ! Must go, then I know I'd be at the station in 30 minutes! I gently roll to unwind finally try because more time is approaching and I faltered ! Who is it this girl to put me in this state , what is its power , what it does to me!  

I am there before the station actually early, too early, must wait ! Yet I was there twenty times at this station, but never in the state of mind in which I find myself. What I thought she had moved from place that I would have found more !  

I leave the car to ventilate me a ray of sunshine , maybe it was she who sent me, it is good and fresh air makes me a very foolish ! I tried to be presentable , people who see me certainly have no doubt , I find myself there before the station , a bouquet in hand image is talking !  

I go into the station, and phew, the train really exists, it is now, but it is in one of the cars ? Will she have the courage and strength to meet with a stranger? One last tip or a girlfriend can be done 'll change your mind! But why ask the question , I read his emails , I drank his words, I could see how this meeting was important to her , so I do not even want to think it could be in that damn train!  

Make him a message, tell him I 'm here, not necessarily to tell him where I am , but to reassure me that she will soon be there before me ! Fifteen minutes, then ten, and the lady of the speakers who pronounce his train goes into the station !  

Where to put me so she does not miss me? Do not miss the arrival platform , finally put me where I could see it from afar , do not miss it! I have his picture in my head, I already burned his face in me , no doubt I could recognize among all these people in front of me and miss without even take a look ! As if everything was normal for them , nothing would happen, my life was not going to change them!  

I turn around , I'm in my world, I scrutinize every passages , and finally, finally here it is! I'd know it's her , she came , I am relieved of a sudden, a little stressed because I know inside that there is still much to do !  

She comes to me , no doubt that my image it has also in his little head . No, she has not lied , she did not hide anything , it's her , the one that makes me vibrate for more than 10 days! She comes to me ! I said before that day , that I would one desire was to take her in my arms and kiss her !  

Finally I have not had to fight against myself to get there, because I 'm in my arms and my lips are resting on his. Maybe some said , thought , "look both there , it's pathetic , kissing and hugging in a station concourse " Yes, they can , but I know myself that I had in my arms, I had for me, and that nothing suddenly was not important!  

I could not let it show how much I was shaking , I could not find my words, but say anything , do anything , I was somewhere else , and I lived an intense moment now ! I say let inside , kissing , that maybe I was passing him what I could feel, all I had to tell her environment , its presence there before me , this day became outstanding!   If I could talk to the woman of speakers, I have asked him then to me the song of Sardou , who said "I 'm gonna love you like nobody has ever loved , I will love you like you never ever imagined ! "  

It's funny story , it feels strong, proud and able to manage as sensible adults could do , but it quickly becomes very small in such a situation ! Must live it to believe it!   What to do with it! I do not know , I for myself, I do not see anything else! Being with her ​​is all that mattered to me ! The Embracing every ten meters, the kiss not even looking over the place , sometimes in front of a storefront , now beginning construction , sidewalk , table, a bar, a public place!  

Then an angel may be there before the marriage takes place before our eyes on this site. But we can not see a family, people coming together to make pictures , smiles but does not see love emerges there ! We see that we finally !  

This angel , his or mine , this little elderly lady who force us to see one in the arms of each other kissing on the public square, without embarrassment , without scruple, she saw , among hundreds of people , what happened between this girl and I eventually say " take the opportunity , do like them," those who married them !  

I did not want to leave , do not let his hands touch it, feel close to me, and still have a few moments his lips on mine ! I could be in any place , in any case it would have been irrelevant , I had my eyes for her ! Talk to him , see in front of me , that's what mattered !  

The error could have come from there, but there doing what this guy, he asked me to join him and he does nothing with me! Do what, when I have a taste for anything, just be there in his presence ! Him to discover my place of life, convinced that everything I told him is a reality, because so far, it could have been a simple story !  

I do not believe it , this girl I had seen on a screen there is now present in my room! It is there just for me ! Maybe for her it does not matter , but for me a lot, because if she likes my place to live, she would also like to spend time with me!  

How is it that I can not free myself from his arms to his kisses , she is the hidden force that draws me to it ? I do not try to understand , to ask me questions, I live the present moment and let me go!  

Finally, I feel good , zen , I find some of my insight, an inner rest I was looking for ten days! I found myself here in this restaurant, always sitting in front of her , not letting her hand over and kissing at every opportunity !  

And still others who look , perhaps by jealousy, by asking the question " but how do you still have it to this overflowing passion, to give even a show like that in front of everyone , openly show what they themselves had done , with years less!  

No time and the desire to take an interest in others, listen to what she says and capture his every move that might betray ! But betray his feelings , in that it does not want to openly say but I could see the end of his hands on his face, the way his whole body could react !  

Kisses, kisses, caresses she had, but I still have so much to give !  

Already now, and as time passes quickly in those moments , while during the last week , the hours were endless ! The ride home , there could also be home ! I had only one desire , to feel it against me , near me, and have finally calm sleep !  

But no, it was not possible! It was believed to sleep , it was believed that everything was going to be easy! She was there, but no desire to close the eye, look again, touch again, talk to him again, as if in the afternoon , nothing was done, nothing was said and that he had again and again to make him understand how his presence was important!  

She had me this girl and she has me to the end , she awakens in me the elements that were well hidden ! But say nothing , leave no sound, try to do things normally. Is this normal or when the brain and the whole body is unable to find in this space!  

She does not sleep on the couch or in another room, not his desire is to be at my side, to lose nothing of the time she spends with me! It can at least know the happiness it gives me ? No questions, just kiss her again and again , and hold tight hard against me, and ask someone pinches me to show me that I'm not dreaming !  

I tremble , I'm a bit lost! Try to control everything , to do the best , manage the intensity! Is like trying to extinguish a volcano with a bucket of water, I know I hurt!  

She was there, right there in my room, in my bed for me and everything she said or did was for me with me!  

I can not put into words on this sheet that was the first night this discovery , I find no sense , strong enough sentences to describe , to live again on paper ! It will come no doubt !  

My time was well counted with her, his presence would have an end, but repel later than the deadline became my fight! Do not want to leave , please do not think that at some point of the day I could not see her, not touching no longer feel any closer , not thinking that there was torturing me!  

I would have pushed minutes and hours until extreme fatigue did nothing on the body when starting becomes difficult ! Must put an end, unfortunately! has she had enough caresses, kisses , kisses and attention ! I was at the height of his hopes, and always I left with questions, but reassured , soothed have been with her much longer than I would have thought !  

I saw in her eyes she could tell me , make me understand , and I already had my early answers! I go yes, now the emptiness around me , poor , forgotten something, and anyway with head elsewhere !  

Yes, she will miss me , yes I would want to find it again in a heartbeat , yes I admit that I stuck a little too much but I would do it again and again ! She went to complain, then I can not do behave differently , close to her and not being able to touch, unthinkable , it is better not to be than not to do it!  

I went home , I thought that place where I was going to feel good , but no, this place was not here , it was that or I could stay there, close to her with it!  

I had the strength to talk to him, to hold for a while before meeting , but the strength to leave I dug into what little energy that I still had ! I had to fight against myself to be able to do it!  

Now tell him what else, what to do, time passes, he will be our ally or our enemy ! Again and again these damn questions, then I would love to not be able to ask me , living with a domestic well-being in the mind of everyone of my free time I could relive those moments with her!  

I never asked what facilities offer me in life, I have always been aware that all is acquired over time if you put good will , but that yes , I ask , I wish moments like these two days with her, and yet still reproduce !

Here, we don't sell anything, we share our happiness !