love letter

How a man should love a woman

I realize I still have not rocket science to this and to question myself allows me to improve myself in this deep feeling that I carried you. So I'm going to do the opposite, and wonder what a woman could hate in a man. In a word, which could kill an existing love. What better than to look around us and draw lessons to learn how to love you. Unless love better than that, does not exist.

... I've seen some that no longer give the penalty, may be because they no longer believe, do not want to, for lack of confidence, time, desire or simply they'll end up saying that this is no longer their ages.  

... Others were lost in their habits, good or bad, and it seems to suit them. These guys they want you to stay on their laurels, do not move, do not want to boost?

... If only this one will help his wife a little more every day. It is good for a man to put "feet under the table" in no doubt the woman also welcome to do so. He goes to work, he knows the dishes. Let him also all the little things to be aware of the time it may take, and tire as is harvested.  

... I have not seen this one cry with his wife. Do you want it to share his grief? May be that at the time it will take the opportunity to laugh even more.

... Why some men at the table want to be served first? They ignore a good meal is all about fun, sharing that provides intense happiness.  

... And what about the thinking of the man: "I do not want you to touch me there!" A kiss is so good, a caress a true delight when it is done with love. It should be received as a gift and not a constraint.

... He uncertain gestures, he does not know what he said, insulting, it is unpredictable, it's scary! Yes alcohol is a plague, unless it is the burden of his wife. Can there be more love when this element takes all the space? No, this is a door that opens to the misfortune! It has a black eye today. Do not think she wears a pair of sunglasses for her pleasure, her beautiful eyes hide both deep pain. Why this violence for some, why her?

... I hear this one talking to her friends and colleagues. Why you denigrate it as its half, does not recognize any quality in it, does not adhere to her taste? It is precisely this one who talks a lot, as they say, the talker, but no doubt he already has a second default, he can not hear, unless listening itself .  

A ... she only had an encouragement, any support? Its various qualities they recognized you? A kind word would do him good to be this little woman! He and once again, alone accounts "Man"

In summary, to see the suffering of some, I think I want to continue to love you as I do. I still want to give me pain for you, for us and continue to believe in this love. Progress in this direction including the fragility of the woman that you are, and your sweetness. I have to understand me the man that you bring me, you, the woman, is beneficial. I should not want to learn to do without. It is for me to protect you and respect you because you are my "equal".

So if you let me love you even care a little more, I would say that I want to live in sin with you:

Wanting: To discover the beautiful places, make plans, create and be greedy: Can be chocolate, a little, but also to live life to the full tooth.

Lust: To a certain degree, ten remembering where we come from and respect or even first.

Our avarice: Just have a good head on his shoulders, and the rest enjoy.

Laziness: A failure to savor together when the time comes, relaxation can be a rewarding investment.

Our anger: Yes, there will be even a hint of that, but you and I know how much it hurts us when it rings at our door. Jealousy: I do not wanna be the one that smothers you, but rather one that can respect your choices, your taste, your outlook on life. The desire in one word "sharing"! Arouse in the other mutual attraction to keep the flame that we will all drink the famous soup. Telling our exploits and wanting to live other.   I would arrive to still touch your heart? The happiness you deserve and will continue every day to ensure that you always finish it by say, "Yes it is that there" I would like to keep this "know how to speak of Love" just for you, for your bright eyes I make it well.  

Here, we don't sell anything, but we share our happiness !